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innoXplore iX-T21 Car Inverter (omvormer) With Dual USB

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Quick Overview

Charge notebooks or any other < 100Watt devices with Power plug
Dual USB charging output
Ingenious, Stylish, Light weight, Compact, Easy to carry
Can be used anywhere, anytime
Perfect for travelling
Ideal for charging personal electronics and mobile office equipment
Charging any where, any time while driving

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Laadt uw elektrische apparatuur tijdens het rijden met deze unieke omvormer

This inverter can be used to operate personal electronics and mobile office equipment, such as: laptop, digital/video cameras, MP3 players, cell phones, PDAs, and more. It can also be used to recharge 100~125VAC (AC110 Model) / 200~250VAC (AC230 Model) devices that have an appropriate recharging adapter. Charging any where, any time while you are driving.

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1. Ingenious! Stylish! Light weight! Compact! Easy to carry! Use in anywhere! Anytime! Perfect for travelling
2. SCP, short circuit protection
3. OTP, over temperature protection
4. The collapsible car cigarette plug make the unit portable, compact and fit conveniently for travelling and used in the car
5. OCP. over current (load) protection
(Also called “overload protection”: Prevents the overload current. when the current overloads,
   the iX-T21’s indicator will burn red and stop providing electricity to the device in the inverter)

6. LVP, Low battery voltage shutdown protection
(When car battery discharge, the voltage of car battery will continue decrease,
    if there is no Low battery voltage shutdown protection, the car battery will continuous discharge until no power is left.
    This will cause permanent damage to the car battery. So this protection is purposed to protect the car battery’s lifetime.
    When car battery’s voltage is lower than the threshold, iX-T21's indicator will burn red and stop gaining electricity from the battery of the car.

7. USB charger, ideal for use with iPad(2,000/1,000mA charger only), iPhone, iTune, iPod, mobile phone, MP3, GPS
8. OVP, over input voltage protection
9. Built-in fuse for overload protection

EAN: 8718104281202

RoHS E24


Power Rating : Input: 12VDC, Output: 100~125VAC ( AC110 Model ) / 200~250VAC ( AC230 Model )
Size : 111 x 44.5 x 55.5mm
Operating Condition : 3 ~ 40 ℃
Indicator : YES (Red:Protected / Green:OK)
Storage Condition : 0 ~ 50 ℃
Fuse Protection : YES
Weight  : 157g
USB Charger : Dual USB: 5VDC, 2100mA
Wattage : 100W CONTINUOUS


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